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Industrialized Construction
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ICS is a pioneer of Industrialized Construction — having been at the forefront of the evolution of IC since 2006.


ICS's Industrialized Construction consultant services and kit-of-parts building programs serve to optimize the process solution from design to permitting, manufacturing, supply chain, assembly, and construction. Our team of architects, engineers, supply chain managers, and field experts employ proprietary software tools and expertise in the latest roll-form technology to ensure your building designs are accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

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IC Consulting


ICS serving as Project Structural Engineer of Record provides the upstream design control necessary to ensure efficient and consistent product fabrication and erection at scale. ​Our engineering staff is licensed to serve as Structural Engineer of Record (PE) in 51 states and territories. ICS specializes in providing engineering expertise for industrialized construction projects with a focus on serving clients with nationally distributed build programs. Our proprietary workflow automation tools reduce risk and overhead to drive scalability. Critical design data is transferred directly within ICS's automated tools from design to permitting, manufacturing, and installation. ​By incorporating preferred detailing specifications, ICS integrates the manufacturing and logistics requirements into the design of your building in a way that is friendly to your supply chain, tooling and systems design. This process sidesteps costly reverse engineering of a 3rd party SEOR design.

Delegated Design

ICS serving as Delegated Engineer for Deferred Submittal is the ideal solution for owners looking to optimize panelized element design to maximize margins and standardize outcomes. ICS provides design expertise of panelized wall, floor, and roof elements, both structural and nonstructural, with an emphasis in utilizing a variety of roll-formed building element technology. In close collaboration with your project team, ICS works within your building’s structural criteria to optimize the building design to achieve successful project outcomes in fabrication, erection, and project margins. Let ICS help you achieve economies of scale, reduce risks, improve quality, and boost your return on investment.

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Industrialized Construction

A lot of prefab is just plain boxes.
ICS's buildings have a lot of
architectural interest. With these
buildings, you get a lot for your

Jeff Lovitt, Rodan Builders

​Industrialized construction is an innovative approach to building construction that aims to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality by applying manufacturing principles to the construction process. Unlike traditional construction methods, industrialized construction utilizes standardized building components that are prefabricated off-site and assembled on-site, resulting in faster construction times, lower costs, and reduced waste. If you are considering implementing industrialized construction in your building projects, ICS can provide valuable guidance on the key considerations. Partnering with us can help you navigate the unique benefits and challenges of this approach and ensure that your projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

One kit, limitless possibilities.

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Building Programs

FIT Building

The fit building program offers a proprietary approach to industrialized construction. Ideal for retail and quick-service restaurants, ICS's architecture and engineering team works with you to develop a predictable and repeatable building program that captures the speed of offsite construction while ensuring brand compliance.

FLEX Building

Flex is the ideal solution for healthcare, schools, and owners in other industries who wish to get up and running quickly.

​ICS's standard kit-of-parts is a collection of pre-designed, pre-engineered, and prefabricated building components that can configure in numerous ways to create your ideal structure. The organization of individual parts and materials into assemblies offers flexibility for mass customization and mass production. Components are sized appropriately for optimized manufacturing, convenient handling, transport, and installation. 

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Building Solutions


Respond to increasing changes
Gain flexibility to quickly adapt to possible economic and health disruptions, population growth, and technology advancements. Expandable facilities can be repurposed over time without sacrificing usability, quality, or performance. 

Buildings that teach
An interactive web-based performance dashboard tracks the building’s energy performance and allows students to analyze how their actions impact natural and energy resources. And, each facility comes with a tailored User Guide and curriculum with suggestions for incorporating building elements and performance into daily lesson plans.

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