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What is
Industrialized Construction?

Industrialized Construction:

​A Modern Construction Approach for Better Building Outcomes

Industrialized construction (IC) goes beyond prefabrication, offsite, and modular construction by leveraging industrial engineering principles to optimize the entire building process from design to completion.


Industrialized Construction can cut build schedules in half and drastically improve schedule and quality control.​ IC leverages the efficiencies of offsite fabrication, rigorous engineering and processes, optimized procurement and distribution networks, and technology integration to revolutionize the construction industry. 

IC moves the process to a factory-controlled environment, specifically optimized for the work at hand. IC's advanced construction technologies results in less labor costs, less delays on-site, improved quality of the product, enhanced productivity, none of which traditional construction practices ordinarily achieve.



Are you experiencing labor shortages?

It takes fewer workers to complete the same amount of work because of productivity and efficiency gains in the factory and onsite.


Are you facing tight deadlines?

More precise and predictable schedules and shifting the critical path often results in 50% faster completion and occupancy than traditional construction.


Do you have a restricted budget?

Industrialized construction offers the potential to minimize labor, materials, and waste while accelerating the project deadline. According to McGraw Hill, 41% of 800 AEC professionals surveyed realized a 6% decrease in the budget because of IC.


Does your build site have accessibility issues?

Highly dense urban areas, regions with short build seasons, and remote sites all pose unique issues for traditional construction like transportation of materials, constricted sites, and crew accessibility. IC is particularly suited for these projects as most construction occurs in the factory.

(IC) Savings

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IC Programs

Building Solutions
at ICS

The most common hurdle to getting started with Industrialized Construction is moving past the most common hurdle of knowing where to start. We make the process easy; gain optimum value through construction programs suited for your industry.

Clients in public works, corporate build programs, retail, healthcare, and more discover real value with ICS’s extensive experience implementing Industrialized Construction with inclusive packages that deliver better outcomes for all spaces.

Our building solution provides technologically advanced, prefabricated, component buildings that assemble onsite, giving you flexibility and a fast, cost-effective way to create beautiful, durable, energy-efficient environments.

Our building are engineered to perform.

Learn more about building innovation and enhancements. 

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