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Our Story

ICS is the pioneer of Industrialized Construction. Since 2006, our deep industry experience and a team of architects, engineers, supply chain managers, and field experts have eliminated the chaos of design and construction.


We at ICS, overcome challenges in the built environment by leveraging our proprietary kit-of-parts technology, platform development, optimized building components, material sourcing, and vast network of manufacturers. We offer a holistic approach to productizing buildings from design to occupancy.

Our Mission

Replace aging infrastructure with sustainable, high-performing buildings faster while overcoming labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.

Seventeen years ago, we set out to address this challenge by solving two of the most critical and foundational constraints of building projects; scale and flexibility.​ These constraints limit the realization of end project value and stifle adoption of more successful delivery alternatives, such as Industrialized Construction.

Industrialized Construction (IC) leverages efficiencies in offsite fabrication, rigorous processes, and technology integration to modernize the construction industry. 

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Meet the driving force behind Industrialized Construction Solutions. Motivation to provide the best solutions to clients combined with extensive experience with building, mechanical, and technology integration are the success factors resulting in the ultimate institutional knowledge-base to deliver IC solutions at scale.

Jason Steele

Jason Steele

President, CEO, Co-founder

Kristal Howe

Kristal Howe

VP of Prefabrication & Construction, Co-founder

Matthew Comber

Matthew Comber

COO, Co-founder, VP Arch. & Engr.

Fast. Flexible. Simple.

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