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Matthew Comber

COO, Co-founder, VP Arch. & Engr.

As a licensed PE and SE in 51 US states and territories, Matthew is deeply devoted to the realm of Industrialized Construction (IC). Focused exclusively in the IC space for over a decade, he has honed his expertise to become a trailblazer in this dynamic field, and is widely celebrated for his innovative design methodologies and progressive delivery approaches.

His current expertise is grounded in his earlier career as an award-winning innovator in seismic and sustainability analysis. Matthew's technical and leadership foundation was developed as he invented new structural analysis methods and engineered high-rise acute care hospitals and large technology manufacturing facilities under esteemed leaders at an internationally renowned structural engineering firm.

During his tenure at Project Frog, Matthew spearheaded the ground-up development of their in-house IC-focused engineering capacity, reshaped their processes and steered their product offerings into new national markets, a testament to his strategic acumen and ability to drive impactful initiatives.

As a co-founder of ICS, Matthew is expanding the innovative products and delivery models he and his partners developed at Project Frog, initially tailored for multi-site accounts like education, QSR and retail, into comprehensive turnkey solutions. He is leading ICS into new markets including large-scale multifamily, hospitality, and commercial spaces, furthering his commitment to advancing IC methodologies.

Matthew leads the AE team at ICS with a seamless integration of practical process-driven design and engineering into their product lines and project executions. His commitment to quality, design efficiency, and process optimization consistently produces streamlined building solutions for delivery at scale. ICS’s resulting product lines and delivery methods stand as a testament to Matthew's commitment to harnessing the full potential of IC, marking his journey of technical innovation and excellence.

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Matthew Comber
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